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Term Definition
AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) A set of technical standards for e-learning software products.
Alternate Manager A leader of a team that is not their official manager but can perform all the functions that are done by existing managers in the system. (Assign and verify learning)
Analytic Administrator A security role in CULearn that specializes in report development and management.
Analytics Reporting using data from CULearn.
Acquired When the learner successfully completes all the required learning modules of a certification.
Audience Multiple learners grouped by some criteria.
BLD (Blended Learning) Combining different methods of delivery for a course or class.
Browse Looking for courses by looking through the categories in the learning catalog.
Category A division of courses regarded as having particular shared characteristics. A learner can browse the categories in the Learning Catalog to find courses.
Certification A set of courses that must be completed to become certified in a specific topic or to perform a duty. They can expire which can force learners to re-certify in order to maintain their certification.
Continuing Education Credits(CEU) Unit of credit equal to 10 hours of participation in an accredited program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions.
Curriculum A set of courses that must be completed to become in a specific topic or to perform a specific duty.
Delivery Method How the course or class is delivered to the learner- instructor, on-line, or virtual.
Equivalent One or more courses that are considered equivalent to a current course for the purposes of completing a certificate or curriculum.
External Learning Learning that is consumed outside of the CULearn.
Governance/Advisory Committee A cross section of campus individuals representing a cross-section of non-credit training concerns/needs to serve as  decision makers for best practices pertaining to the system and university needs.
ILT (Instructor Led Training) Course/classes delivered in a classroom with an instructor.
Instructor Individual that provides instruction for a course or class.
Lead Training Administrator A security role in CULearn that has the same responsibilities as a TA and LGA and is considered a point person for others that have roles in their areas plus is a liaison to the LMS Manager to communicate and help problem solve issues that arise. May be a member of the CULearn Advisory Council.
Learner Anyone that is using CULearn to take a course.
Learning Catalogue A collection of learning/training events.
Learning Event A course, certificate program, or curriculum.
Learning Group Administrator (LGA) A security role in CULearn for individuals that assign, track, and confirm learning completions for a learner(s).
Learning Plan A learning event that has been assigned by a rule, manager, alternate manager, TA, LGA, or learner.
Manager Identified via WorkDay as having responsibility for a specific set of individuals that directly report to them.
Prescriptive Rule Used to assign learning dynamically to a large group of people who fulfill specified criteria. Once the criteria has been set you can choose the learning to “push” out to them.
RDI (Rapid Data Import) An import service that enables us to import business data as CULearn component records. This service migrates data sets from external data sources or to create new bulk records.
Recurring Course A course that expires and needs to be acquired periodically, whereas a regular course never expires.   It is a single course that acts like a certification and can be reset for recertification.
Register/Enroll Learner signs up to take a course.
SCROM(Sharable Content Object Reference Model) A set of technical standards for e-learning software products. Commonly used are 1.2 or 2004
Search Looking for a course using the search box using a word(s) or number in the title of a course.
Security role Different limits to access or restrictions on operations according to a user’s constructed role within CULearn.
Successful Completion status for a checklist or class.
System Administrator/Manager A security role in CULearn responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of the system. Technically and functionally.
Training Administrator(TA) A security role in CULearn that creates courses, classes, and things related to them in the system.
Virtual Classroom A virtual classroom is an online learning environment. The environment can be web-based and accessed through a portal. The instructor and learners are logged into the virtual learning environment at the same time. WebEx and ZOOM are the tools used at Cornell to provide a virtual classroom.
WBT (Web-based Training) Courses/classes delivered on-line.