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Assign Learning

Who can Assign?  (Learner, Manager, LGA, TA, System Prescriptive Rule)

NOTE: Learner cannot drop anything assigned to them by someone else.  Learner will see the source of the assignment in their transcript.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Think through your business needs.
  • Provide guidance and consensus on how and what you should assign to whom.
  • Recommendation is that assignments and who should do them should not be an isolated decision.
  • How are you handling it now?
  • Just because you can does not mean it is requirement to assign.
  • Learners can enroll in courses.

You assign training via the registrars desktop as an LGA and TA.

  1. Click on ADMIN
  2. Click on Learning Admin
  3. Click on Registrar Desktop
  4. Register or add to plan
  5. If you know the name of the class, enter it in Search catalog. For more search options, click Show Filters
  6. If you click Show Filters, enter criteria
  7. Click Search
  8. Click Select Class for the class you wish to assign
  9. Select the class from the available options
  10. Click Select
  11. When finished, click Next
  12. Select People
  13. Enter name of person to assign the class to, or click Show filters to add criteria.  Note: you can search by name or Netid
  14. Find the person and click Select. Repeat for additional people if necessary
  15. Click Next
  16. You will receive a confirmation that the order was placed for training. You can Start a new registration to register additional people for classes.