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Instructors: Individuals that provides instruction for a course or class.

Learning Group Administrators: A security role in CULearn for individuals that assign, track, and confirm learning completions for a learner(s).

Training Group Administrator: A security role in CULearn that creates courses, classes, and things related to them in the system.

Lead Training Administrator: A security role in CULearn that has the same responsibilities as a TA and LGA and is considered a point person for others that have roles in their areas plus is a liaison to the LMS Manager to communicate and help problem solve issues that arise.

Some General Information and Expectations about Roles in the system

These roles provide a certain amount of security access to CULearn.  It is expected that if you have a role you will keep your use of the role connected to information pertaining to your area and the needs of the role.

  • It is expected that you will have some formal training before you try to do any tasks in the system.
  • It is expected that you will train and try to do things in the test environment of CULearn prior to putting something in Production.
  • If you need training or a role please contact the TA in your area if you  have one or email to request.