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Create an Audience

  1. Click ADMIN
  2. Click Learning Admin
  3. Click New Audience Type
  4. Enter the Name. The name is formatted as unit acronym-subunit acronym-freeform
  5. Enter the Description
  6. Click Save.

Add People to the Audience

  1. If you will be assigning specific people to the Audience, click Add
  2. Find the person/people you will be assigning to the Audience
  3. Check the box next to the person
  4. Click Select
  5. To see who has been added, click View
  6. Click Search
  7. To add people to the audience based on search criteria, click
  8. Step 2: Define Criteria 
  9. Add criteria
  10. Select criteria and click Done
  11. Click Preview to see who was added to the audience. Click Close
  12. Click Save

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