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Create a Web-Based Class

Note: you must create the course before creating a web-based class for the course.

Setup a New Web-Based Class

  1. Click Learning Catalog
  2. Search for the course you created
  3. Click New Class next to the course you are adding the class to
  4. Select Delivery Type (Web Based) and click Next
  5. Enter the Class ID. The class ID consists of the course acronym and number. The number is formatted as WBTYYYMMDD with no spaces. For example, an EH&S class may have a class ID of EHS1074-WBT20160513
  6. Enter the Description
  7. Enter the Language, if the language is different from the default language you selected for the course.
  8. Enter the Class Price, if there is a fee for the class. The class price will default to the price you set for the Course, if you entered a course price
  9. Enter the Available from date. This is the date the class will be available for registration
  10. Click Finish.


Add the Content for the Class

After adding the class, add the content for the web-based training.

  1. Click the Activities tab
  2. Click Add Activities and select Attach Content. A new window will open
  3. Search for the content to be added. Select the content
  4. Click Add Activity Details. A new window will open
  5. Click Save. You will now see the activity has been added under the Activities Heading
  6. Click Save and Publish.