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Running A Report

Running Reports

Run a Report in CULearn- Cornell specifics

Each Role has an Analytics Tab that has certain reports assigned to the role.

  • Learner has their transcript report.
  • Manager has Team reports- (only shows their team data)
  • Instructors, Learning Group Administrators (LGAs) and Training Administrators (TAs) have a variety of reports that they can run.
  • Not all roles have the same reports available

Reporting on training is done by Learner, Audience, Course, Certification/Curriculum, or Organization.

Depending on the report you can search for a Learner by Net Id (username in CULearn): Name, or Empl ID (Person Id in CULearn)

Some important information pertaining to reports.

Please use the “run” option to get your reports.  (DO NOT do Save and Run)


Note:  If you do hit save and run by mistake the way to get back to the defaults is to go to recently run tab and edit button drop down and click revert to defaults.

You can mark your favorite reports (the ones you use the most) and they will be listed under your favorites bar.  Just click on the star by the report and it will mark it as favorite and unclick if you can your mind.

You can also export your report by using the down load option at the upper right hand corner.