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Best Practices for Delivery Methods

For Instructor-led Training (ILT)


For On-line training

When creating courses, it is expected that they:

  1. Are created with the suggested authoring tools (Captivate 9)
  2. Are designed within the guidelines for the system
  3. Have been tested to make sure they launch, record learner’s course status correctly, and work on all browsers that are supported


  1. SCORM 1.2 compliance
  2. Published for 508 compliance

Authorized Authoring Tools

  1. Captivate 9 – preferred tool (tested, proven compatibility, and academic pricing available)
  2. Other authoring tools must be tested according to requirements and documentation of design elements needed for system

NOTE: Course designer needs to test CULearn compatibility with consultation and collaboration of CULearn manager.

Testing Responsibilities of Learning Provider/Sponsor for On-line Courses

Testing must be done in the test environment and not production.

After the course has been published, uploaded and successfully plays, make sure to complete all the following steps in each of the preferred browsers [Internet Explorer, FireFox (pc and mac), Chrome, Edge, and Safari]:

  1. Enroll as a learner
  2. Launch the training
  3. Make sure that it passes with a passing score or status and that it fails with a failed score or status
  4. Make sure it shows completion on your learner record
  5. Double check that the videos, audio, and web links work as designed