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Your Role as an Instructor

If you have an instructor role in the system you have access to information about your courses. You go to the Admin tab and click on Instructor.

You can see your upcoming courses and even add them to your outlook calendar.  In any instructor led training (ILT) someone has to mark attendance or the learner will not get credit for completing the course.  The instructor has that ability as do Training Administrators (TA).  Please check with your TA to see how it is handled in your area.

You can also register (add) and delete learners to the roster.  We strongly encourage learners to self enroll but there is usually a few last minute attendees and a few no shows.  Again follow practice that is in your area.  Registrations can be done after the fact by an instructor.

You cannot provide attendance for something that has not occurred yet so you will mark attendance as soon as you can after the learning event has occurred. The learner will be expecting to see a completion within a reasonable period of time.

View a brief video of the Instructor desktop.

Need an instructor role, contact the TA for your course/department or email  You can also get training on this role by contacting