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New Providers

Content Administration and Management

CU Learn is a learning management system for a variety of non-credit training across campus. Active Cornell University faculty, staff, and matriculated students connected to the Ithaca campus can access CU Learn.

If you and/or your department is a provider of non-credit training and is interested using CU Learn as a resource for providing and tracking this training, please confirm that your training content fits in the defined university governed business needs. Providers are responsible for the content, development, uploading, testing, and maintenance of their courses. Consider the departmental business needs and administrative resources before filling out a consultation request form.

University governed business needs

  • Compliance criteria
  • Enterprise systems/software competencies
  • University identified staff development competencies

Content Management and Administration

  • Set business practices to make more efficient use of the system for the university without compromising university risk
  • Seek consultation and advice from CULearn Manager
    1. Best practices
    2. Working within the confines of system requirements
    3. Manage, input and administer own training programs in CU Learn
  • Create trainings following outlines guidelines, including naming standards
    1. Create learner groups as needed
    2. Ensure accuracies and currency of trainings and catalog
      • correcting inaccuracies when found
    3. Process enrollments and attendance as needed
    4. Test online trainings before releasing to learners
    5. Provide user support for all your departmental trainings
    6. Communicate information about your trainings to your learners
  • Determine roles (Learner group administrator, Instructor, and/or Training