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Your personalized “Me” tab



Plan=Learning Plan: A learning event that has been assigned by a rule, manager, alternate manager, Training Admin (TA), Learning Group Admin (LGA), or yourself.

Profile: Contains Basic information. It is not editable.

Completed Learning: Available on left side bar, by status filter, Lifesaver, or Home Page.

Statuses: In Progress (enrolled but not completed); Completed; Pending Action (assigned but not enrolled)

Learning Requests: Requests you have made.

Order History: Classes you have enrolled in.

Analytics: Your learning transcript that you can export to Excel and sort however you want.

Calendar view:

My events= Instructor led training (ILT) you have enrolled in calendar format. NOTE:  when you enroll in an instructor led class you will get a notification that includes an iCal invite so you can also put it on you Outlook calendar.

Catalogue Calendar= Available upcoming ILT and Blended Classes by calendar view. Note- you can sort by catalogue category and sub-category.