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Create a Course

Add the Course

  1. Click ADMIN on the top left menu bar
  2. Click Learning
  3. Click New Catalog Item
  4. Click New Course (under Advanced). Do not use Quick Course
  5. Enter the Course Title (ex. ACCT 101 – Cornell Accounting 101 Class)
  6. Enter the Description
  7. Enter the Price. This price will be carried to all classes that are associated to the course. The price can be changed for an individual class.
  8. Enter the Available From Date. This is the date the course will be able to be viewed and also will be available for registration
  9. Enter the UserID for the Customer Service Representative
  10. Enter the UserID for the Learning Request Manager
  11. Click Save.


Add an Owner to the Course

After you have added and saved the course, you can add a Course Owner.

  1. Click Add Owner
  2. Search for the person who is the owner of the course
  3. Select the person from the search results
  4. Click Select. The owner is added
  5. Click Save.


Add Related Info to the Course

  1. Click the Related Info tab
  2. Click Add Category. The category will be used for searching the catalog (Note: the categories in the Test system may not represent those that will be in the Production system)
  3. Enter the search criteria in Category Name. Click Search
  4. Select the result and click Select.


Edit the Course Policies

  1. Click on the Policies tab
  2. Click Set as default for English
  3. Click Save.